The story

research benefits from the invaluable power of plants;

An innovation based on an inexhaustible source of inspiration, as the plant world is rich and still little known. "

Ludovic Lemoues

Born in 2009, our laboratory is originally a a Phytotherapy Laboratory;

Phytotherapy (phyto, plant) indicates an ancestral traditional medicine based on the use of natural pharmacological properties of molecules contained in plants. We can distinguish two types of practices:

  • A traditional practice to explicitly therapeutic, sometimes very old based on the use of plants as virtues discovered empirically. This is most often an alternative medicine due to the lack of systematic clinical studies;
  • A practice that is based on scientific research on plant extracts. This is called pharmacognosy or pharmaceutical biology. Research on these products is based in part on traditional practices;

Nature offers an inexhaustible source of benefits, we're committed to apply our knowledge of plants and asset naturally contained in plants, to design and develop cosmetic products, mainly oriented towards the fight against the effects of aging;